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SD Web-site Launched

Las Vegas – Hoping to put additional marketing muscle behind the format, members of the SD Association announced at Comdex the creation of a consumer Web-site: .

The site will serve as a clearing house on all things SD, detailing the range of SD-enabled products and applications available globally from all manufacturers who incorporate the non-proprietary format in their products.

‘With the growing acceptance of SD cards throughout the world, we realized the importance of providing an informational web site that would highlight the increasingly large storage capabilities of the SD card, as well as providing access to our member’s sites,’ said Ray Creech, president of the SD Association.

The postage-stamp SD memory card is supported by a number of manufacturers, entertainment companies and content providers. More than 500 companies, including Panasonic, Palm, Canon, Casio, Minolta, JVC, SanDisk, Sharp and Toshiba are members of the SD Association. The format itself was developed by Panasonic, SanDisk and Toshiba.

‘With SD production ramping up throughout the world and a parallel increase of SD enabled products, including televisions, digital cameras, DVD players, recorders and PDAs, the development of this site is a welcome educational component,’ said Jeff Cove, vice president, Alliances and Business Development, Panasonic.