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Screen Research Expands Fabric Choices

CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta – Screen Research
introduced at CEDIA Expo its new MultiPix range of multilayer projection screen

Three new fabrics use Screen Research’s proprietary multilayer
technology to offer a positive gain performance between 1.3 and 1.5 and “excellent”
light rejection for use in a range of ambient light conditions, the company

The line consists of the MultiPix ultra-contrast white 1.3,
ultra-contrast white 1.5, and ultra-contrast gray 1.3. Screen Research (booth
1558) said its multilayer technology optimizes performance. In contrast to
conventional painted gain coatings, which the company described as “a
fragile surface treatment,” the multilayer technology results from a
scientifically controlled manufacturing process that ensures a homogenous
structure that is durable, flexible and consistent in terms of performance and
structural integrity, the company said.

The MultiPix ultra-contrast gray 1.3 offers what the company
called unparalleled black-level contrast performance. Its light-rejection
characteristics allow use in environments with high ambient light levels.

MultiPix ultra-contrast white 1.3 and 1.5 are best used for high
gain applications, maximizing the performance of lower-powered projectors.

The MultiPix range of screen fabrics are currently shipping.