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Scientific Atlanta Launches HD Promo Site

Atlanta, Ga. — Scientific-Atlanta, the cable TV equipment manufacturing giant, announced it has launched an online “high-definition training camp” designed to help consumers prepare to experience upcoming high-profile sporting events, such as the Olympics, World Series and NFL games, in high definition.

The company said it will use the educational Web site to sell the HDTV experience to consumers who, “really don’t know the ins and outs of the technology and what they need to experience the ultimate HDTV wow factor.”

According to a company spokesperson, consumer research has indicated that while high-definition TV is growing in popularity, many consumers are not aware of some of the more complex issues they need to understand in order to get high definition in their homes.”

Scientific-Atlanta said its program offers a, “step-by-step game plan for consumers who want to indulge in the crystal clear images of HDTV.”

The “official SA HD demo site” — at — answers many frequently asked questions about HDTV, and will help curious shoppers “gain the knowledge and confidence needed when investing in HDTV and HD-DVR products” in time to view the upcoming sporting events in high definition.

On the site, visitors will find a video overview of HDTV “in layman’s terms.”

Some of the key items covered include the following:

  •  The difference between a digital TV and an HDTV.
  • Making the choice between widescreen and standard format.
  •  Important HD inputs on your TV.
  • Resolution and scan rates — an explanation of 720p and 1080i.
  •  How to determine if your TV is HD ready or HD capable.
  • Using “stretch and zoom” to eliminate black bars on the TV screen.
  • A look at the current availability of HD programming — sports, nature, movies, travel and prime time favorites.
  •  How combining HD and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) expands the viewing experience.