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Savant Readies Lighting Control, Video Tiling

Indianapolis — Savant Systems, the multi-room-audio and systems-integration supplier, is heading to the CEDIA Expo with its first Savant-branded lighting-control system and SmartView Tiling technology which enables TVs to simultaneously display up to six HD video sources located anywhere in the house.

 SmartView Tiling will be demonstrated at the Expo’s Future Technology Pavilion. Savant Lighting Control will be on display in demo room ICC-109. Both ship in the fall.

The lighting-control system, which integrates with Savant’s existing home-control and multi-room audio systems, is targeted for a wide range of installation sizes and prices, the company said. Savant’s systems will continue to support the control of third-party lighting systems.

Savant Lighting Control, due in the fall, uses a Savant lighting controller and Savant-branded lighting products made by LiteTouch, which Savant purchased early this year. Savant Lighting Control can be installed as a standalone lighting-control system or integrated with Savant’s automation systems. Homeowners will be able to activate lights via Savant’s keypads, Mac computers, and handheld and wall-docked iPads.

Savant’s backward-compatible hardware and software also allows for the upgrading of all LiteTouch systems already installed in homes.

In launching SmartView Tiling, the company likened the technology to an advanced picture-in-picture technology. It uses handheld or wall-docked iPads to select up to six 1080p video sources scattered throughout the house for display on a particular TV. It works with Savant’s HDMI video matrix switchers, which send video to any TV in the house. Source inputs can include multiple cable- or multiple satellite-TV set top boxes, Blu-ray players, security cameras and other devices.

From an iPad, users drag and drop selected sources to chosen locations, pinch and zoom to have any source take over the entire display, and create custom tiling layouts and channel presets for easy recall.

Installers can field-upgrade existing Savant matrix switchers by adding SmartView Tiling modules.