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SatCom Unveils New DBS Antennas

SatCom Electronics of Poway, Calif., is introducing three new flat-antenna systems in its PASSPort line — the Mini Plus, the MDBS-AA2000 and the HDBS-2000.

Designed for portability, the 5-pound Mini Plus is a one-piece, flat-panel satellite antenna system with integrated LNB (low noise block). To receive satellite programming, users just plug it in and aim it. No assembly is required.

“Our SatCom PASSPort Mini Plus antenna is the most compact portable DBS-TV an-tenna system in the world,” said Dr. H.H. Chung, SatCom Electronics president. “For the first time, people will be able to watch satellite TV anytime and anywhere by simply attaching the SatCom PASSPort Mini Plus to a tripod or table mount, connecting it to a receiver, and using the Digital Satellite Seeker to aim the antenna to the proper satellite.”

The unit comes with SatCom’s Digital Satellite Seeker, a pocket-size meter to help establish the proper aim. The Mini Plus package (MP-1001-PKG) has a suggested retail price of $349.95, and the seeker can be purchased separately for $59.95.

The company’s other new flat antenna systems for DBS include the MDBS-AA2000 for mobile use and the HDBS-2000 for home use.

The mobile model is designed for use on RVs, boats and buses and measures 16 x 20 x 5.6 inches (in stowed position). It is equipped with a controller to automatically aim to the satellite and also comes with a mounting platform and attachment cables.

The HDBS-2000 for home use is a permanent-mount version of the mobile model. It can receive both DirecTv and DISH Network programs and will be equipped with standard dual-LNB output. It will come with brackets for wall, rooftop and post mounting.

The HDBS-2000 and MDBS-AA2000 are scheduled to ship this fall at suggested retail prices of $274.95 and $1,249.95, respectively.