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Sanyo Fisher Debuts Zero-Gravity Chair

Sanyo Fisher is introducing a Zero-Gravity massage chair to the U.S. market during International CES, at booth L11017. The Zero-Gravity position is a neutral body posture that human beings naturally assume under micro-gravity conditions. The U.S. space program has also identified it as the least stressful position for astronauts during take-off. In a Zero-Gravity position, the chair maintains support to the back while the footrest elevates the legs above the heart. This position has been recommended by physicians as beneficial, as it relieves stress on the back and allows oxygen and blood to flow more freely throughout the body. The HEC-DR7700K Massage Chair has two Zero-Gravity positions for maximum comfort and relaxation. Zero-Gravity Position 1 moves the body into the Zero-Gravity position. Zero-Gravity Position 2 elevates the legs even higher and moves the back lower for additional circulation and benefits. In this position, an air-only Comfort Course delivers gentle stretch and compression massage to the lower back, hamstrings, calves, ankles and feet via 24 independent airbags. Scheduled for spring delivery, pricing has not yet been set.