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Sanyo Extends High-End Cellular Line

Las Vegas – Sanyo Energy (U.S.A.) is extending its high-end Platinum Power series of cellular products with the addition of ear buds and headsets.

The Consumer Energy Products division of Sanyo Energy is including four SKUs of ear buds and four of headsets in the line, connecting to such cellphones as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and Panasonic.

The line extension follows upon the success of the company’s Platinum Power Hands-Free System, which includes a speakerphone and charger combination, as well as a separate charger.

One example of Sanyo’s elevated value in its Platinum Power headset is an on-off switch in the earpiece, instead of in the cord. A primary role in the line’s high-end appeal is the packaging, which calls out key product features and color codes each piece to a particular cellphone. Retails will probably hit a $29.95 price point for headsets and $19.95 for ear buds when the new products are available in May, the company said.

Sanyo will be offering a Platinum Power line of lithium ion batteries for cellphones that should also be available in May and retail for $49 and up.