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Sanyo Consumer Group Sales Flat For Year

Osaka, Japan — Sales in the Sanyo Electric consumer group were essentially flat in the 12 months, ended March 31, moving up to $11.8 billion, from $11.7 billion.

The consumer group includes CE, A/V information and communication equipment and home appliances. The information and communication segment accounted for $9.3 billion in the 12 months, down 1.5 percent from the $9.5 billion reported the previous year. The home appliances segment increased 8.6 percent in the year, up to $2.5 billion, from a year-on-year $2.2 billion.

Operating income for the consumer group in the year was $272.4 million, down 26.5 percent from the $370.6 million reported the prior year.

The information and communication segment saw operating income decrease 28.8 percent for the year, sliding to $294.8 million, from a year-earlier $414 million. The home appliance segment about halved its operating loss in the year, to $22.5 million, from a year-ago loss of $43.4 million.

Sales of televisions in the 12 months increased to $1.1 billion, from $1 billion the previous year. LCD projector sales were about flat, decreasing to $602 million for the year, from $606.4 million. Digital still camera sales were off in the 12 months, coming in at $1.8 billion, compared with $2.1 billion the prior year. Telephone sales increased to $3.6 billion, from $3.4 billion during the period.

Sales in North America for the year decreased to $3.1 billion, from a year-ago $3.2 billion.

Sanyo reported consolidated year-end sales of $23.4 billion, down from $23.7 billion the prior year. Consolidated operating income decreased to $399.1 million for the year, from $901.3 million in the previous 12 months.

The company did not break out financials for the fourth quarter.