Sanyo Consumer Gets New Name

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Chatsworth, Calif. — Sanyo North America has changed the name of its consumer solutions division to the digital solutions division to align it more fully with other Sanyo operations worldwide.

The digital solutions division, under the direction of Andy Nelkin, division president, markets and sells consumer audio and video products, home appliances and Eneloop products. It will also include the new corporate solutions group, created for business-tobusiness solutions, including presentation technologies and security video products.

“The future of our business can be seen in our ability to create solutions and systems from our various stand alone products,” stated Nelkin. “By changing our focus now, we prepare ourselves and our company for the next wave within electronics.”

The new corporate solutions group will offer a renewed focus on cross-selling Sanyo products with business-tobusiness sales as the primary target, the company said in a statement.


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