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SanDisk Debuts Additional Items In Flash Memory

SanDisk Corp. recently introduced two PC Card adapters for its postage stamp-sized Secure Digital (SD) cards, MultiMediaCards and SmartMedia cards.

The new adapters are expected to be available this month with each expected to sell for $60.

The new credit card-sized adapters fit into the PC Card slot found on laptop and notebook computers and enable users to share digital photos, audio music files, video clips and data created on a wide variety of devices. Those devices include digital cameras, camcorders, Internet music players, audio recorders, smart phones or PDAs. They can also be used to transfer large files between laptops or to back up files.

SanDisk also introduced a 128 megabyte Secure Digital memory card capable of storing up to four hours of music or 40 minutes of video. The card doubles the capacity of SanDisk’s highest capacity SD cards currently shipping.

Shipments of the new 128MB SD cards are expected in the third quarter of this year. The suggested retail price of the card will be $200.