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Samsung Unveils Nth-Screen Strategy

NEW YORK – Samsung Electronics America gave a formal sendoff to
its new Nth-Screen strategy, which stresses connectivity and content sharing
between multiple display devices both in and outside the home. The company also
released prices on many of the products it announced at International CES and
plans to ship this spring.

Tim Baxter, Samsung Electronics America president, said the term Nth-Screen is a play on the math symbol representing multiple, as opposed to simply three-screens as some people are referencing in the quest to define a true TV everywhere experience.
Samsung is promoting connectivity and sharing between its Smart TVs, PCs, PC monitors, Galaxy tablets and smartphones, among other devices.
The strategy stresses easy content access and flexible use between different devices. Central in that strategy are the multiple TV platforms Samsung is employing in various model steps in its 2011 TV lines.
The highlights are Samsung’s Smart TVs that offer a wide variety of apps either embedded on the set at purchase or available after purchase through Samsung’s Apps store. That store has also expanded to a store-within-a-store concept offering the purchase of apps through apps, as well.
The Smart TV platform also offers an integrated Smart Hub that enables easily searching multiple content services for programs while also delivering suggestions based on user viewing patterns, and engaging in social networking all on one screen. The Media Hub is also available on various handheld devices and PC monitors.
Meanwhile, top-of-the-line LCD and plasma models include the Smart TV system and employ Samsung’s active-shutter 3D technology. Smart Hub is available on almost all 40-inch or larger LED TVs, including D8000, D7000, D6400, D6300 and D6000 series models and on select plasma models, including the D8000, D7000 and D6500 series.
As for new apps available to Samsung-connected products, the company said it has reached a deal to offer the HBO Go service. The app, which will be available later this year, can be installed onto a Samsung Smart TV or Smart Blu-ray player, and will be available at no extra charge to HBO subscribers in the U.S., who authenticate through their current, participating television provider.
HBO subscribers will be able to instantly watch every episode of the network’s series, including “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “True Blood.”
Subscribers also have access to HBO Documentary Films, HBO Sports and a wide selection of blockbuster theatricals.
It will also add the MTV Music Meter app that allows fans to discover, consume, share and interact with new music. It features a countdown of the top 100 trending artists based on social-media buzz as well as audio, video, artist news, tweets, bios and a feature that showcases similar artists.
Meanwhile, Baxter pointed out that Samsung led U.S. market share for 3DTVs in 2011 on both a unit and dollar volume basis, and aims to repeat the performance in 2011. It also led the industry in sales of connected TVs. According to The NPD Group, Baxter said U.S. connected TV sales amounted to 2.5 million units in 2010 “and that will grow significantly faster” in 2011.
In light of some rival companies introducing passive-glasses-based 3DTV products this year, John Revie, Samsung home entertainment products senior VP, said his company is emphasizing the many performance benefits of active-shutter 3D glasses-based TVs, including full 1080p resolution, and wider viewing angles.
For connected TV, he said Samsung will communicate the Nth-Screen strategy to consumers and retailers in a manner similar to the introduction of Samsung’s first LED TVs.
“We offered a big 12- to 16-foot merchandising display that talked to the benefits of LED,” Revie said. “We’ll start doing that this year with Smart TV and even 3D, but have an Nth-Screen element to help the consumers understand how you can steer content across different screens, whether it is a Galaxy Tablet or a big screen TV.”
Revie said Samsung will launch an ad program this spring advertising the ultra-slim D6000-series TVs, highlighting the ultra-narrow bezel design. “For the in-store component we will talk more to the Nth-Screen strategy in and outside the home,” he added.
In 3D glasses, Samsung is introducing four new models from eyeglasses designer Silhouette that integrates Bluetooth technology to link wirelessly with less interference than IR to the TV emitter. The new active-shutter glasses weigh less than an ounce and are prescription ready.
The company said it will also offer a 3D glasses recharging station that resembles a top hat and accepts up to four pairs of glasses at a time for battery charging.
As a bonus to purchasers of all Samsung 3DTV sets, Samsung said that starting this month it is offering a free bundle kit for a limited time, including two pairs of 3D glasses, and 3D Blu-ray Discs of the DreamWorks Animation movies “Mega Minds” and the complete “Shrek” movie series.
The following lists prices for Samsung LED LCD TVs and plasma TV sets that were announced at International CES:

 2011 Samsung LED LCD TVs:

55-inch UN55D8000, $3,600, now

46-inch UN46D8000, $2,800, now

55-inch UN55D7000, $3,100, March

46-inch UN46D7000 $2,300, March

55-inch UN55D6400, $2,400, May

46-inch UN46D6400, $1,600, March

40-inch UN40D6400, $1,300, March

55-inch UN55D6300, $2,300, March

46-inch UN46D6300, $1,500, March

40-inch UN40D6300, $1,200, March

55-inch UN55D6000, $2,100, now

46-inch UN46D6000, $1,300, now

40-inch UN40D6000, $1,100, now

32-inch UN32D6000, $900, now

40-inch UN40D5500, $900, March

32-inch UN32D5500, $700, March

22-inch UN22D5010, $300, March

22-inch UN22D5000, $300, March

32-inch UN32D4000, $530, March

19-inch UN19D4000, $250, March

2011 Samsung Plasma TV:

64-inches PN64D8000, $3,800, April

59-inches PN59D8000, $3,000, April

51-inches PN51D8000,
$2,300, April  

64-inches PN64D7000,
$3,400, April
59-inches PN59D7000,
$2,600, April

51-inches PN51D7000, $1,900, April

59-inches N59D6500,
$2,200, March
51-inches PN51D6500,$1,600, March
64-inches PN64D550, $2,700, March
59-inches PN59D550, $1,900, March
51-inches PN51D550, $1,300, March
51-inhes PN51D490, $1,000, March
43-inches PN43D490, $800, March
51-inches PN51D450, $800, now
43-inches PN43D450, $600, now