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Samsung Unveils New Direction For Laser Printer Category

Secaucus, N.J. — Samsung took another step forward with its plan to become a top-tier player in the laser printer category with the introduction of the $199 SCX-4100.

The SCX-4100 is the first in a newly created category that Samsung is calling a digital productivity center. If defined by its feature set, which includes laser printing, scanning and copying, it is similar to multifunction printers on the market. However, Samsung said the SCX-4100 differs because it utilizes a flat-bed scanner, does not have fax capability and each of the follow-on products in the line will be designed to meet the needs of specific user groups, said Jay Shears, Samsung’s director of home office automation.

The SCX-4100 is geared for general consumer use and will be available in time for the back-to-school selling season, which starts gearing up next month. The device features 15-page-per-minute print and copy speeds and basic scanning capabilities.

Shears said Samsung is well positioned to meet the printing and scanning requirements of different market segments because it manufactures its own laser engines. This enables the company to quickly design the proper product without having to go through another company, like some of its competitors must. Some potential derivatives of the SCX-4100 that could be introduced are those with a more robust printer and scanner for office environments, or models with wireless networking capability.

Being able to attract consumers and home office buyers with specially tailored models will be a key moving forward when current MFP and stand-alone printer owners start looking to replace these older devices, Shears said. The huge number of inkjet printers and monochrome lasers that have been sold over the past few years will need to be replaced as they begin to fail or their users look to upgrade, and Shears believes Samsung’s digital productivity centers will have a good chance to attract these buyers.