Samsung Unveils 70W” LCD TV


Seoul, South Korea – Samsung will introduce on Aug. 23 a 70W-inch 1,080p LCD TV panel at the International Meeting on Information Displays (IMID) 2006 in Daegu, Korea.

Samsung said to date the largest LCD TV panel measures 65W-inches diagonally.

Kim San-Soo, Samsung executive VP, said the new large panel HDTV set “sets a new benchmark of excellence in terms of video image reproduction, viewing angle and image quality. We've designed it to dramatically enhance the large screen LCD TV user’s viewing experience.”

Samsung said the 70W-inch LCD TV will allow TFT-LCD technology to compete with plasma display panels and projection TVs. No pricing was announced on the product.

The panel offers 1,920 by 1,080p resolution and a conical viewing angle of 180 degrees for multi-viewing audiences. In addition, its video signal is reproduced at 120Hz, compared to a video signal of 60Hz for a conventional full HD LCD panel, enabling rapidly moving video images to be reproduced with crystal clarity.

Samsung said it will begin production of the 70W-inch LCD TV during the first half of 2007


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