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Samsung Unveils 5 Digital Still Cameras

Ridgefield Park,
N.J. – Samsung unveiled Tuesday five
new point-and-shoot cameras, highlighted by a range of models that include embedded
GPS geo-tagging.

Samsung also expanded its HZ-series of high-zoom digicams by two
models. The 12-megapixel HZ35W and HZ30W offer Schneider lenses with elongated
zoom ranges starting at a wide-angle 24mm to an optical zoom range of 15x.

Pricing was not disclosed on any of the new models.

Like the WB650, the HZ35W includes a 3-inch AMOLED display and built-in
GPS technology for the automatic geo-tagging of images. The AMOLED screen
offers improved battery life, a higher contrast ratio and wider viewing angle
than LCD.

“These cameras represent what consumers can expect from Samsung,”
stated S.J. Park, Samsung Digital Imaging CEO. “From
their powerful optics to the exceptional combination of features which make
snapping perfect pictures every time effortless, Samsung’s new HZ series goes
above and beyond what’s expected from a point-and-shoot and raises the bar even
higher for this class of high-zoom compacts.”

Samsung pairs the Schneider Kreuznach lenses with Dual Image
Stabilization. The optical image stabilization intelligently compensates for
hand trembling by shifting the lens in the opposite direction. When optical image
stabilization isn’t enough, the digital IS system automatically takes over.

Video is recorded in 720p/30 fps HD resolution using H.264
compression and true HDMI connectivity.

The cameras include advanced scene-recognition technology, Smart
Auto, which has been upgraded to be used with video as well as with still

The company also introduced two ultra-slim digital cameras, measuring
0.65 inches thick.

Models TL105 and TL110 both feature 12.2-megapixel and 14.2-megapixel
resolution, and 5x and 4x optical zoom lenses, respectively. Each is also equipped
with a 2.7-inch LCD screen.

“Consumers want portability in a point and shoot, and we think
our ultra-slim TL110 and TL105 address that desire,” said Park. “Despite their
size, both the TL110 and TL105 are feature-packed and ideal for beginner and
advanced photographers who want a well-equipped but easy‑to‑use, compact

The TL110 includes an improved 27mm wide-angle lens and the TL105
includes a 27.5mm wide-angle lens.

The TL110 also employs a Dual Image Stabilization system with
both optical and digital image stabilizers. The TL105 offers only digital IS.

New image effects available with the TL110 and TL105 include Fisheye
and Lomo, and image styles include Normal, Soft,
Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic,
Negative, Custom RGB. Two new options – Sketch and DeFog Clear/Fog Lifting –
cut through the haze to take clear photos.

For video, the TL110 and TL105 record in 720p/30 fps HD using
H.264 compression and include Smart Auto.

For photographers looking for more control over their images, the
cameras include program modes and a long list of scene modes. The program mode
allows the user to manually set options, including ISO, white balance, metering
mode, AF and exposure compensation.

For the SL series, Samsung introduced the SL630, which features 12.2-megapixel
resolution, a 28mm wide-angle, 5x optical zoom lens, Dual Image Stabilization
and a range of smart features.

“Samsung is elevating the stature of its
SL-Series with models such as the new SL630,” said Park. “With Samsung’s SL series,
consumers can now enjoy features such as wider-angle lenses with longer zooms,
as well as technologies such as Smart Auto, which brings incredible value to
the consumer while at the same time, giving them the ability to take their
creativity to new levels and take great photos.”

The Samsung SL630 5x zoom offers a equivalent of 28mm-140mm in 35mm
film shooting.

Video recording is captured in standard definition 640 by 480/30 fps

Automatic controls
include Smart Auto advanced scene-recognition technology, auto focusing
options including object tracking, a perfect portrait system, face detection,
Smile Shot and blink-detection technologies.