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Samsung Unveils 3D TVs, Apps

CES 2010

– Samsung Electronics revealed at its International CES press conference
Wednesday that it will use animated films from DreamWorks Animation to promote
its new generation of TVs and Blu-ray players with 3D capability.

During the event, Samsung Electronics America president Tim
Baxter introduced DreamWorks Animation CEO
Jeffrey Katzenberg and Frederic Rose, Technicolor chairman and CEO, to announce a partnership with Technicolor and
DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” will be the first
Blu-ray Disc to use the new 3D standard from the Blu-ray Disc Association,
DreamWorks’ Katzenberg said.

Samsung will run a promotion offering buyers of Samsung’s 3D-compatible
products a free copy of the movie.

Trailers of upcoming 3D films, including “Shrek Forever
After,” will be also available exclusively for Samsung customers, the
companies said.

Meanwhile, Baxter said a third of Samsung’s new LED-based LCD TVs
will be 3D compatible.

Samsung also announced its first 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc players,
home-theater systems and plasma TVs.

In other news, the company announced the launch of Samsung Apps,
a multi-device application store with content partners including Blockbuster, USA Today and others. Samsung plans
to make apps available for a range of devices from mobile phones to HDTVs.

Samsung said its apps system will be open to developers to create
their own applications for TVs and mobile devices.

“We’re forging the future of home entertainment,” said Baxter.
“If you thought it was fun to build an application for a 3-inch phone screen,
I’ve got a 55-inch screen to show you.”

Among the company’s 3D TV sets on display here is the
ultra-thin 9000 LED LCD TV model series, which features what the company said
is the first onboard TV display touch-screen remote control.

The LCD TV series features 1080p/240Hz models with 55-inch
and 46-inch screen sizes and uses edge-lit LED backlighting to reduce depth.
The company also placed all of the set’s circuit boards, including the tuner,
into a detachable integrated pedestal stand that doubles as a wall-mount

An auto-conversion system will present both native 3D images
and 2D images rendered in 3D.

To support Samsung’s

[email protected]

widget-based system, the
models feature Ethernet ports and wireless-ready capabilities to access content
from such partners as Blockbuster, YouTube and others.

The 8000 series uses edge-lit LEDs in the 46-, 55-, 60- and
65-inch screen sizes, all with 1080p resolution and 240Hz frame-rate

Cosmetics include a metallic design with 3D display support.