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Samsung Top Monitor Shipper: DisplaySearch

Austin, Texas — A DisplaySearch report shows Samsung maintained its lead over Dell as the top LCD monitor brand worldwide for the fourth quarter of 2008.

Samsung’s year-over-year growth inched up 2 percent in the fourth quarter, giving the company 15.5 percent marketshare, while Dell endured a 19 percent fall off, dropping its share to 12.5 percent.

Overall, the North American market suffered a 24 percent fall off in year-over-year shipments, with only 8.1 million shipping during that period. Worldwide shipments were down 8 percent, with only the Chinese market indicating any growth, jumping 26 percent on 9.1 million units shipped.

Hewlett-Packard and LGE also posted shipment drops, but Acer enjoyed 9 percent year-over-year growth.