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Samsung Study: Group Gifting Popular Option

Ridgefield Park,
N.J. – Nearly eight in 10 people have group gifted in the past (83 percent
women and 75 percent men), and approximately half of those have group gifted
more than once and expect to do so during the holiday season later this year,
according to Samsung.

The “Get It
Together” consumer survey was conducted for Samsung Electronics America by
TNS and polled 1,000 online consumers in June 2009. The study analyzed income
and gender differences in group gifting.

According to the
“Get It Together” survey, group gifting is the act of consumers jointly
contributing money with friends or family to purchase a gift together for
someone else.

The survey showed
that the most popular reasons for group gifting was to either buy a gift of
greater value that people can’t afford on their own or to collaborate with
friends and family to get something the person really wants.

The categories of
gifts most often purchased jointly were baby products (26 percent), and
consumer electronics (23 percent). Travel (6 percent) and home appliances (5
percent) were also cited by survey respondents.

“Group gifting is
a great way for people to give and receive what they really want, even when
times are tough,” stated Peggy Ang, Samsung marketing VP. “Group gifting
provides an opportunity for friends and family to come together in a collective
and meaningful way to make someone in their lives very happy. We at Samsung
think this will be a hot shopping trend in the coming months, especially around
the holiday season.”

As for the
upcoming 2009 holiday, the survey showed that nearly 60 percent of people would
prefer to receive one or two more expensive gifts than several moderately
priced gifts. There were also clear gender gaps in several answers, including
data that nearly twice as many men favored group gifting consumer electronics
compared to women.

Other results
showed the most popular occasions in which people choose to group gift
including: birthdays (42 percent), baby showers (37 percent), winter holidays
(31 percent) and weddings/engagement (30 percent).

More than two-thirds
of consumers who group gift do it for their immediate family, while a smaller
number of people pool resources for gifts to their co-workers, bosses, close
friends and extended family members.

As for group
gifting trends by income class, the study showed: 84 percent of people earning
more than $75,000 have group gifted in the past compared to just 71 percent of
people earning less than $30,000, showing that high earners are perhaps more
likely to pull greater resources to purchase premium gifts for friends and

More information from
the “Get It Together” consumer survey is available at

The Samsung Group
Gifting Survey was conducted online by TNS in June 2009 with 1,000 people
representative of the U.S. population. TNS is the world’s largest custom market
research specialist.