Samsung Stresses 'Smart' Appliances At CES



A washer that lets remote users know when the laundry is done, and a refrigerator app that tracks expiration dates of food, were among the slew of white-goods innovations presented by Samsung Electronics America here earlier this month at the 2012 International CES.

The washer, the WF457 front-loader, boasts a Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Control system that allows consumers to stay connected to the wash cycle without having to be near the laundry room.

By utilizing a wireless router and a smartphone app, users can monitor cycle selections and remaining time and finishing alerts, can start or pause the washer remotely, and can receive alerts and diagnostics should problems develop.

The WF457 is also the first Samsung washer to be smart-grid ready.

Other features include an industry-leading 4.5 cubic feet of capacity, an 8-inch color LCD touchscreen for easy cycle selection, and a “speed spray” option that delivers a cleansing shot of water with dissolved detergent and then a rinsing shot for improved rinsing performance, which can shorten cycle time by up to 25 percent, Samsung said.

The washer, a 2012 CES Innovations Award honoree, will be available along with its matching dryer this spring in onyx and white.

The new refrigerator app, called Grocery Manager, allows consumers to track the expiration time of perishables and to set convenient reminders to use the products before spoilage. Added by popular demand, the app will be offered with the manufacturer’s current RF4289 French door and RSG309 side-by-side models, where it will appear on the fridges’ 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD color touchscreens.

Samsung is also upgrading existing refrigerator apps by providing a new look for the memo app and direct access to the calendar, allowing users to create new appointments from the home screen.

“Samsung’s strategy is to enable consumers to be more connected and organized through their household devices and appliances, and we’re now extending that connectivity right into the laundry room,” said Kevin Dexter, the company’s home appliance sales and marketing senior VP.

Samsung also introduced a premium over-the-range (OTR) microwave oven (model SMH2117S) that copped a 2012 CES Innovations Award in the Eco-Design category for its large 2.1-cubic-foot capacity, LED cooktop light, convenient bottom controls and ceramic enamel interior.

The company also enhanced its popular Flex Duo oven by topping it with an induction cooktop. The new unit, model NE599N1, provides the same oversized 5.9-cubic-foot oven cavity that can be split into two separate compartments with different temperature settings, while the new cooktop uses electromagnetic induction to heat iron pots and their contents while the surface remains cool to the touch. The cooktop also allows for multiple pan configurations or use of an oversized pot or griddle that would not typically fit on a standard-sized heating element. The new oven will be available this summer.


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