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Samsung Steps Up NFL HDTV Campaign

Ridgefield Park, N.J. — Samsung Wednesday revealed plans to take its promotional partnership with the National Football League (NFL) a step further by adding new campaigns designed to link fans with NFL games they can watch on their Samsung high-def television sets.

Already sanctioned as the “official HDTV of the NFL,” Samsung’s latest campaign, entitled “That’s How I See It,” will include a commercial to air during the Super Bowl XLIII pre-game show featuring a fan’s story; four broadcast spots showing how fans experience the NFL while watching the game on their Samsung HDTV; and a Web site with interactive features, including the ability to have a celebrity such as Alice Cooper call a spouse or friend in support of their HDTV purchase.

“We are excited to take our NFL sponsorship to a new level by designing a marketing campaign that brings to light the passion and excitement of the NFL fan,” stated Tim Baxter, Samsung sales and marketing executive VP. “Sometimes the best views of the game take place in front of the television and Samsung HDTVs enhance that experience. We invite fans to share their individual stories of how they see the game either by entering the “Super Ad: That’s How I See It” contest or by going online to the Samsung micro site and energize even more excitement for the sport.”

Samsung said it will enable fans to relate their favorite personal stories about watching NFL games. The best story will inspire a commercial to air during the Super Bowl XLIII pre-game show.

Fans will have the opportunity to be recorded by NFL Films Inside the NFL relating their stories for the “Super Ad: That’s How I See It” mobile studio. The testimonials could include anything from the most bizarre pre-game rituals to defining moments in football history.

In conjunction with the NFL Opening Kickoff 2008 celebration, the “Super Ad: That’s How I See It” mobile studio will debut on September 4 in New York City’s Columbus Circle and make subsequent stops around the country during the season at stadiums and retail locations.

From Nov. 20, 2008 to Jan. 4, 2009, a group of selected videos detailing fan stories will be posted on’s dedicated Super Ad site.

Visitors will be encouraged to vote for their favorite stories at the “Super Ad: That’s How I See It” site, presented by Samsung. Samsung said one of the fan videos will be turned into a commercial and will air during the pre-game show prior to Super Bowl XLIII on NBC on Feb. 1, 2009.

More details on the opportunity can be found at

Another facet of the advertising campaign will enable fans to give personal accounts of their unique relationship with the NFL. Many people experience the NFL through their TV, and these ads talk about how the picture quality, design and new features of Samsung Touch of Color HDTVs enhance that experience.

Samsung said it hopes to use the personal stories of fan passion to make this year’s advertisements more than just a 30-second spot or print ad. Working with global agency partner Leo Burnett, Samsung has created four unique “That’s How I See It” personal stories and will bring them to life through characters and story lines such as:

·         Ted 74: an 11-time Fantasy Football champion who watches three Samsung TVs at once to gain key information and insights that keeps him on top;

·         Yeller: the story of identical twins, one who yells at his TV and the other who finds ways to cope with his brother, both experiencing exceptional motion picture clarity;

·         Manhood by the Horns: the relationship between a father and son and the rite of passage of passing the remote to watch their beloved team together for the first time; and

·         Beautiful Addition: a woman realizing the meaning of true perfection through the addition of a design-friendly Touch of Color TV.

The television ad series began on Aug. 25, and will air throughout the NFL season.

An online component of the campaign gives fans numerous ways to engage their passion for the game while simultaneously learning how their viewing experience is enhanced with Samsung Touch of Color HDTVs, the company said. The site will include even more fan story content, interactive features and purchasing advice from celebrities and athletes.

The micro site (, which launched on Aug. 25, is showcasing extended versions of the “That’s How I See It” advertisements. Starting around the end of September, visitors can create their own clips to share on the micro site.

Samsung will also show celebrity testimonials about what matters in an HDTV. Featured guest statements will include such figures as Regis Philbin, Alice Cooper and a number of football stars.

Starting in mid-September, Samsung said it will help fans apply the sales pressure to a significant other who may be reluctant to take the HD plunge. Samsung will enable visitors to schedule a prerecorded phone call, customized with their personal information promoting the virtues of a Samsung HDTV from one of the celebrities.

Additional content and features, such as an interactive product demonstration, will be added as the season progresses.