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Samsung To Show Thin LCDs

Seoul, South Korea — Samsung Electronics plans to unveil at this week’s FPD International Show in Yokohama, Japan, an array of leading-edge LCD panel technologies, including a 40-inch display measuring just 0.39 inches thick.

The 40-inch panel, which features full 1080p HD resolution, is expected “to usher in the next wave of large-screen TVs,” Samsung said. It features the same profile as 10- to 20-inch LCDs designed for desktop monitors, and a bezel that has been reduced from the conventional 1.18 inches to 0.57 inches.

The panel uses LED backlight, reproduces 92 percent of the NTSC standard for color saturation and features low power consumption of 90 watts or less, Samsung said.

Other technologies on display from the company will include premium LCD panels with a 16:9 aspect ratio for notebook PCs. The displays will be available in 16- and 18.4-inch screen sizes, and will display high-definition resolution.

Other display technologies slated for display at Samsung’s booth include the following:

  • a 15.4-inch LCD with an active, white-LED backlight;
  • a 22-inch desktop monitor LCD with a next-generation DisplayPort interface approved by the Video Electronics Standards Association that enhances the use of high-quality graphics (8 bits or higher);
  • a 46-inch panel with a 1,500 nits brightness level for digital signage applications, or Digital Information Displays (DIDs); the higher brightness level improves visibility in public settings, where sunlight, fog and other elements can be impediments;
  • a 7-inch display with an embedded touch screen on its upper glass layer;
  • a 2.1-inch LCD with sensor-based automatic brightness control that adjusts the brightness of the backlight to match ambient lighting, while lowering power consumption by around 25 percent; and
  • in new concept products, Samsung will spotlight a 14.3-inch plastic display, 8.1-inch e-paper and a 14.1-inch active-matrix OLED, the company said.