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Samsung Leads In Global TV Market Share: DisplaySearch

Santa Clara, Calif. – Samsung continued to ride atop all TV  manufacturers for global market share of
flat-panel TVs in the fourth quarter of 2010, while Vizio took top honors for
unit share of LCD TV shipments in North America in the period, according to a
study just released by DisplaySearch.

According to the market research firm’s Advanced Quarterly Global
TV Shipment and Forecast Report released Tuesday, Samsung was the No. 1 brand
in North American and worldwide on a revenue basis, with a 21.2 percent share
of total global TV revenues and a 21.4 percent share of global flat-panel TV

However, Vizio moved past Samsung on a unit volume basis for LCD
TVs in North America in the period, DisplaySearch said.

North American shipments were substantially stronger in Q4 2010
than at any other time during the year, the report found, because brands and
retailers anticipated better demand during the holiday season as a result of
more attractive pricing, especially in discount channels and for value-priced

As for worldwide 3DTV shipments during the quarter, Sony
was the top 3D LCD TV brand on a unit basis, and Panasonic was the top
3D PDP TV brand. However, in total combined 3DTV shipments across all
technologies, Samsung was the leader in the U.S. and worldwide, DisplaySearch said.

For the full year 2010, Samsung remained No. 1 in total flat-panel
TV, although its global share fell by a point from 2009 on growth from LG
Electronics as well as increases by Japanese brands due to the strong home

The report said that following sharp declines in Q3 2010, global
TV shipments rose 15 percent year to year to a record 77.6 million units in Q4.

An improvement in annual growth rate, which had fallen to 9
percent year to year in Q3 2010, was attributed to improved growth in developed
markets, particularly North America, which had experienced a substantial
slowdown during the first half of the year, DisplaySearch said.

Globally, Samsung was the No. 1 LCD TV brand in Q4 2010, and
Panasonic was the No. 1 plasma TV brand.

Meanwhile, DisplaySearch said that by region, Samsung was No. 1
in LCD TV unit share in most markets during 2010.

However, Chinese brands still dominate the domestic China market,
and Vizio moved past Samsung on a volume basis for LCD TVs in North America.

China was the only region to decline in Q4 2010, falling 2
percent year to year as a significant decline in CRT TV shipments more than
offset growth of LCD and plasma, the report said.

For the first time since Q1 2010, LCD TV had stronger
year-to-year growth than plasma TV, as prices for LED-backlit LCD TV models
fell a little faster — increasing LED share to 30 percent for the first time,
DisplaySearch said.

Prices for standard CCFL-backlit LCD TVs also fell due to panel
price declines. Plasma TV growth continued to be positive, rising 20 percent
year to year, although there are signs that the growth rate is starting to slow
as LCD TV prices become more competitive at key screen sizes, particularly 42

Global CRT TV shipments continue to contract at a rate of about
30 percent year to year each quarter, DisplaySearch said.

“Demand for flat-panel TVs remains strong. However, consumers
held off on purchases during a very stable pricing period in the first half of
2010,” said Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch North America TV research director. “LCD
TV panel prices started falling in July, but due to the length of the supply
chain, it takes about a quarter for those prices to be realized at retail.”

Improving shipment growth in regions like Japan, North America
and Western Europe meant the developed regions regained the lead in total flat-panel

In particular, Japan, a market with very high flat-panel TV
household penetration, saw total TV shipments increase more than 100 percent
year to year, to more than 10 million units for the first time ever, as
consumers rushed to take advantage of the government sponsored Eco-Points
program before it ends in early 2011.

Meanwhile, DisplaySearch said it now using a new process for
surveying 3DTV shipments, reporting historical data and forecasts on shipments,
revenue, and pricing of 3DTVs, broken down by brand, region, technology, size
and other features.

The new criteria showed that 3DTVs accounted for about 9 percent
of total TV revenues worldwide in Q4 2010, and much more in certain segments,
like 40-inch-plus 120Hz LCD TVs, which were nearly 20 percent 3D in Japan,
DisplaySearch said.

LED-backlit LCD TVs also continued to grow share, rising to 30
percent of total LCD TV unit shipments for the first time, while 120Hz and
higher frame rates accounted for just under a quarter of LCD units.

Global LED premiums dropped from more than 50 percent in Q3 2010
to less than 40 percent in Q4 2010 for 32-inch sets. This has been made
possible through improvements in LED component costs and a reduction in the
number of LEDs required in a given design due to improved efficiency.

To obtain a copy of the full report, contact Charles Camaroto at
(888) 436-7673 or [email protected].