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Samsung Launches Recycling Program

Ridgefield Park, N.J. — Samsung Electronics America today announced Samsung Recycling Direct, a program that commits “to the take-back and recycling of Samsung-branded consumer electronics across all of its product lines.”

Starting on Oct. 1, consumers will be able to drop off Samsung-branded CE devices sold in the United States at collection sites. The sites will include permanent drop-off centers in all 50 states and at a range of recycling events across the country, Samsung said in a release. The devices will reportedly be accepted for no fee, and non-Samsung-branded CE devices “will be accepted for a nominal fee paid directly to Samsung’s contracted recycling partners upon delivery of the e-waste,” it added.

Home appliances are not included in the program, but D.J. Oh, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, said, “There will be a growing number of drop-off locations that will accept home appliances.”

Samsung said it elected to contract directly with recycling companies, unlike other take-back CE programs that rely on intermediaries, and that the program will only utilize recyclers that do not incinerate, landfill or export toxic waste to developing countries.

Consumer will be able to participate in the program in four ways:

·         Samsung-branded CE devices can be dropped off at a fixed collection point as identified on the company’s Web site. Samsung-branded home appliance drop-off opportunities will also be available at a growing number of locations specifically described on the Web site, according to the company.

·         Devices can be dropped off at recycling events sponsored by Samsung beginning in October 2008. A list of Samsung-sponsored take-back and recycling events will be posted at

·         Take-back and recycling drives have been started in conjunction with some retailers, Samsung said. A regularly updated list of recycling drives can be found at the Web site.

·         Finally, consumers can drop off Samsung-branded consumer electronics at a prescheduled recycling drive or non-Samsung-sponsored event that the company’s leading recycling partners are conducting, and the Samsung-branded products will reportedly be accepted for no fee. Non-Samsung-branded products will be accepted for a nominal weight-based fee paid directly to the recycler upon delivery of the e-waste, the company said.

Samsung announced a print and toner recycling program earlier this year.