Samsung Gives LED, 3D Blu-ray Major Emphasis

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LAS VEGAS - Samsung will continue the strong push it put behind its LED-illuminated LCD TV series by showing its most extensive array of LED TVs to date, including models that incorporate 3D technology, advances in picture quality and even thinner set designs.

The new 3D displays will connect with a new 3D Blu-ray Disc player, to be unveiled here, and will ship later in the year.

In total, Samsung will expand its LED backlit LCD offerings from four series to eight series, and from 13 models in 2009 to 45 models in 2010.

In IPTV, the company's


capability will be significantly expanded in both CCFL and LED product lines.

Key Samsung 2010 3D enabled products will include 19 flat-panel TVs (13 LED LCD TV and CCFL LCD models and six plasma models.

To support select sets with up to 1080p 3D capability, the company said it also plans to unveil a 3D Blu-ray player. Exact availability dates on 2010 products were not available.

Samsung said all of its LED TVs, Blu-ray players and home-theater systems this year will incorporate design elements from the company's Touch of Color (ToC) approach and the new options include nature-inspired bezel styles in either wood or metal.

Samsung's thinnest LED LCD TV model series is the UNXXC9000, which features what the company said is the first onboard TV display touchscreen remote control.

The LCD TV series has models with 55-inch and 46-inch screen sizes, which are both among the company's 3D-ready models. Sets use edge-lit LED backlighting to achieve a 0.28-inch screen depth. To reduce depth, Samsung placed all of the set's circuit boards, including the tuner, into a detachable integrated pedestal stand, that doubles as a wall-mount bracket.

An auto-conversion system will present both native 3D images and 2D images rendered in 3D.

The 3-inch touchscreen remote is said to simplify command selections. It includes integrated Wi-Fi and infrared technology to operate a wide range of A/V components, and will display broadcast content on its touchscreen while a Blu-ray movie is playing on the TV.

Both models in the series feature 1080p resolution and 240Hz refresh-rate technology, called Auto Motion Plus frame interpolation.

To support Samsung's


widget-based system, models in the series include Ethernet ports and wireless-ready capabilities to access content from such partners as Blockbuster, YouTube and others.

Samsung UNXXC8000 series, which will ship in the first half, is billed as the world's first edge-lit LED LCD TV line with Seamless Dimming technology. The series will include models in the 46-, 55-, 60- and 65-inch screen sizes, all with 1080p resolution and 240Hz frame-rate capability.

Cosmetics include a metallic design with 3D display support.

Samsung said the line will use its new seamless local dimming technology, which enables many of the advantages of full array local dimming technology in an edge-lit form factor. Screen depth is said to measure just 0.93 of an inch.

The line includes the company's auto-conversion system to support both native 3D content as well as 2D content rendered in 3D.

Other features include built-in Ethernet connection and wireless-ready capabilities supporting


widget-based content.

The UNXXC7000 series incorporates 3D-ready edge-lit LED technology with 1080p resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate. Screen sizes include 40, 46, 55, 60 and 65 inches, all of which will ship in the first half.

Features include Samsung's aforementioned 3D/2D auto-conversion system, Ultra Clear III panels, built-in Ethernet connection, and wireless-ready capabilities supporting the



Samsung's UNXXC6500 LED backlit LCD series with 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. It offers an upgraded


system with wireless DLNA connectivity for cameras, cellphones and PCs, and will ship in the first half in the 40-, 46-, 55-, 60-, and 65-inch screen sizes.

The UNXXC5000 LED LCD TV series includes the 32-, 37-, 40-, 46- and 55-inch screen sizes, all of which ship in the first half of the year. Features include 1080p resolution, specially designed low-power-consuming LEDs with less than 60-watt energy consumption during normal operation, integrated Power Indicator menu that monitors energy use, and an Energy Saving mode that adjusts the backlight to a lower level while maintaining an optimal picture.

The line also includes DLNA connectivity through the Ethernet port or wirelessly via an optional wireless dongle. A USB 2.0 port connects to personal media devices such as USB drives, camcorders and cameras.

The LNXXC650 series includes the 32-, 37-, 40-, 46-, 55- and 60-inch screen sizes, all with Internet access capability, including access to Samsung's HDTV apps store.

Shipping in the first half, the series features CCFL backlighting, 1080p resolution, ToC design styling similar to the former U-line look, 1.7-inch narrow bezel, Ultra Clear III panel, four HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

The LNXXC550 series also offers CCFL backlighting, advanced connectivity and Internet access, and includes the 32-, 37-, 40-, 46- and 52-inch screen sizes. All feature 1080p resolution, wireless DLNA, USB 2.0 inputs with movie support, a ToC design style, Samsung's Clear Panel technology and Wide Color Enhancer Pro,

In plasma, Samsung has focused on energy efficiency, and has reduced the power consumption by 40 percent over last year's models.

Highlighting Samsung's 2010 plasma TV lineup will be the PNXXC7000 series of 1080p models in the 50-, 58- and 63-inch screen sizes with ultra-slim 1.4-inch panel depths. All will feature built-in 3D processing, meet Energy Star 4.0 power consumption guidelines and offer


IPTV connectivity.

The series uses Samsung's 2010 PDP E-panel design innovations that improve upon the TV's off-angle focus and detail, deliver deeper contrast and further reduce screen glare.

The PNXXC550 plasma series also includes the 50-, 58- and 63-inch screen sizes and features 1080p resolution, ToC design styling reduced cabinet depth, Samsung's 2010 E-panel with a new single-layer filter design, DLNA connectivity, USB 2.0 movie port and Energy Star 4.0 compliance.


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