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Samsung Fires Back At Apple

Seoul – Samsung fired back at
Apple, filing lawsuits in overseas courts alleging that Apple violated 10 of
its smartphone and computer patents.

Only days ago,

filed a lawsuit

in a California federal court against Samsung, alleging the
Korean electronics manufacturers’ Galaxy S smartphones and its Galaxy Tab knock off the look and feel of
Apple’s competing products. Apple pointed to the look and feel of the Samsung
devices to their user interfaces.

Samsung, which supplies chips to Apple, countersued
in courts in Korea, Japan and Germany and alleged that Apple violated 10 of its
smartphone and computer patents.

 “Samsung is
responding actively to the legal action taken against us in order to protect our
intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the
mobile communications business,” a Samsung spokesman told TWICE.

In its suits, Samsung complained
that Apple infringed patents on:

–HSPA cellular-data technology
that optimizes transmission and reduces power usage during data transmissions,

–3G W-CDMA cellular technology
for reducing data-transmission errors,

–and technology for tethering a
phone to a PC to enable the PC to use the phone’s cellular-data connection.

Apple alleged Samsung violated
seven patents related to how users select, scroll, pinch and zoom on a
touchscreen. Three design infringements include Samsung’s use of a flat black

Apple is also involved in a
patent fights with Motorola and HTC.