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Samsung Extends Presence In $199 Laser Printer Mkt.

NEW YORK — Samsung extended its presence in the entry-level monochrome laser printer market last week with the introduction of the $199 ML-1210.

The ML-1210 is a replacement for the ML-4500, which is now selling for $169 with $30 mail in rebate, and like its predecessor is geared for the SoHo customer. It has 600dpi resolution and prints 12 pages per minute. Jay Geiser, Samsung’s national sales manager, said the ML-1210 is a marked improvement over the ML-4500. The new model has a faster 166MHz processor and 8MB of memory.

“The most requested feature we were asked to add was USB. With this addition, the printer can now be used with both Windows and Macs,” he said.

Sometime around July, Samsung intends to release a step up model, the ML-1250, which will be network-ready and have a $249 suggested retail price, Geiser said. The company will not go below the $199 price point as its starting point.

Lowering the price point of its entry-level model to $199 last year gave Samsung a huge sales boost, Geiser said. The company would not release its sales figures.

Samsung is encouraging retail sales associates to sell the ML-1210 to customers looking for high-end inkjet printers, since the $199 price point is comparable to the inkjet.