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Samsung Expands Flat-screen ‘DynaFlat’ Lineup

NEW YORK — Samsung celebrated the delivery of its first flat-screen HDTV monitors by demonstrating the picture performance of new Tantus Digital models for the press, while announcing plans to expand its DynaFlat CRT business with smaller analog models later this year.

John LaVoie, Samsung TV products national marketing manager, said the company intends to emphasize its technological strength in production of flat-faced CRTs that the company has dubbed DynaFlat.

Models just starting to ship to dealers include three in the Tantus Digital series, including the flagship TSL-3095WHF (2,499 suggested, $2,199 street) and a 30W-inch 16:9 HDTV monitor slated primarily for NATM and PRO Group specialty and independent retailers.

Following it are a pair of 4:3 DynaFlat Tantus Digital HDTV monitors in the 32- and 27-inch screen sizes. Model TSL-3295HF ($1,799 suggested, $1,599 street) and TSL-2795HF ($1,399 suggested, $1,199 street) will display the 1080i and 480p scan formats natively, and include built-in scalers based on Samsung’s “Pro Chip” technology.

Samsung will also offer a pair of entry DTV models with “open distribution” status that will not carry the Tantus Digital trademark.

Model TSL-2793HF ($1,199 suggested, $999 street) and TSL-3293HF ($1,599 suggested, $1,499 street) will omit two-tuner PIP and will feature a standard remote instead of the joystick remote included with Tantus displays.

Samsung will expand the DynaFlat lineup with three 4:3 analog models including the 14-inch TSL-1491 F ($249 street), the TSL-2091F ($349) and the TSL-2791F ($599), all of which are slated for fall deliveries.