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Samsung Expands 3D, SmartTV Lines


Samsung (booth 12006) travels to International
CES looking to expand its leadership roles
in both the 3D TV and connected TV categories, offering
broader product assortments and greater apps
and content offerings in 2011.

The main emphasis in the home entertainment area
of the company’s booth this year will be on 3D and
SmartTV capabilities, said John Revie, Samsung home
entertainment products senior VP.

The company’s active-shutter 3D playback feature
— this year including Bluetooth instead of IR linking —
will be extended to 80 percent of the company’s LCD
models and 85 percent of its plasma SKUs. The company
will also offer some level of connected streaming
to nearly 90 percent of its 2011 models.

SmartTV with Samsung Apps will be available in two performance levels, with step-up models offering
more extensive search capabilities.

TV lines include more than 14 LCD and plasma series.

In LCD TV, Samsung will offer screen sizes ranging
from 19 inches to 65 inches, with the majority of
its models transitioning to LED edge lighting this year.
Advanced models will add LED edge lighting with new
Micro Dimming Pro technology to boost black-level
performance to better even full-array LED backlighting
approaches, said John Revie, Samsung home entertainment
products senior VP.

Among the first-half LCD TV series this year will be
the entry 450, 550 and 650 series with CCFL backlighting.
Pricing will be announced later.

This steps to the 4000 (720p) and 5000 (1080/60Hz)
LED edge-lit series, stepping to software-based driving
LED edge lighting in the 6000, 7000 and 8000 series.

The 6000-series sets will employ software-based
local dimming techniques to enhance black levels
and contrast, while the 7000 and higher series with
240Hz frame rates will employ a hybrid local dimming
approach using both software and mechanically driven
dimming techniques for optimal black-level performance.

The highlight of Samsung’s LCD TV line at the show
will be the UND8000 series, which is to include four
models in the 46-, 55-, 60- and 65-inch screen sizes.

All have 1080p/240Hz LED edge-lighting, 3D capability
and what the company is calling “the world’s
first Internet-enabled touch-control TV remote.” Key
set features include a 0.2-inch-wide metal bezel design,
Micro Dimming Pro circuitry and Bluetooth-linked
3D glasses. It will also add the advanced Smart TV
package featuring built-in Wi-Fi, Skype video calling,
Samsung Apps Store access, a full web browser, media
search with an advanced recommendation feature,
and connected media storage devices including networked
PCs and mobile devices.

The UND7000 LCD series, which is slated for firsthalf
delivery, includes the 46-, 55- and 60-inch screen
sizes, all with 1080p/240Hz 3D panels, LED edge lighting,
Bluetooth-linked 3D glasses, the Advanced Smart
TV feature package from the UND8000 series, 0.2-inch
ultra-slim bezels and a reduced cabinet width design.

The D6500 series models are billed as “eco-friendly”
1080p/120Hz 3D edge-lit LED models employing
the company’s double-rate frame transition technology
for smoother and sharper images.

Screen sizes include 32, 40, 46, 55 and 60 inches,
and key features encompass the Advanced SmartTV
package, Bluetooth 3D glasses, a 15 percent power
consumption reduction, 20 percent brightness boost,
reduced toxic materials use and a reduced cabinet size.

The sets all use Samsung’s Motion Adaptive Dimming
algorithm technology to reduce power consumption
up to 20 percent by controlling the LED brightness,
according to motion vectors in the picture.

In plasma TV, the company will again offer 20 SKUs,
including a 720p 2D-only series, a 720p 3D-capable
series, three series with 1080p resolution and less
than 3-inch cabinet depths, and three 1080p series
with ultra-slim panels approaching the thickness measurements
of the company’s edge-lit LED LCD TVs.

This year’s plasma lines also offer full Energy Star
compliance and have been redesigned to offer an additional
inch of viewable screen size by reducing the
bezel width while keeping the outside perimeter measurements
the same. Samsung calls the advancement
its “Plus One Strategy.”

So, in 2011, a 63-inch set last year becomes a 64-
inch screen size model, a 58-inch set becomes a 59-
inch model, a 50-inch set becomes a 51-inch model
and a 42-inch set becomes a 43-inch model.

The PND8000 series will be the flagship of 3D
plasma line, offering the 64-, 59- and 51-inch screen
sizes. All feature 1080p resolution Advanced SmartTV
package and new touch-control TV remote. Other features
include an ultra-slim 1.5-inch panel depth and
enhanced cosmetics.

The D6500 series includes the 51- and 59-inch
screen sizes, both with 1.5-inch ultra-slim panel depth,
1080p 3D capability and advanced Smart TV connectivity