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Samsung Cuts Prices On More 3D Eyewear

Ridgefield Park, N.J. — Samsung Thursday cut pricing on additional models in its active-shutter glasses lineup.

Models SSG-3300CR and SSG-3300GR were reduced by $50 to a $130 suggested retail price, and the SSG-3700CF was cut $70 to $150.

The latest price moves follow the 3DTV market leader’s price cut last month on the entry-level SSG-3100GB, which was reduced by half to a $50 suggested retail. The entry-level glasses are battery operated, while the just-reduced models feature sleeker styling and are rechargeable.

The new prices make the cost difference between passive 3D glasses used by new sets from LG, Vizio, Toshiba and others somewhat more competitive, although passive glasses, which in some cases are nearly free if you bring home a pair from the movie theater, are hard to beat on price alone.

Samsung and other active-shutter glasses supporters, however, are able to boast of the ability to view full resolution 1080p 3D images, while passive glasses technologies generally present half that or worse.