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Samsung Connects Diverse Lineup

Las Vegas – Samsung used its International CES press conference
to “push the boundaries” of not only its consumer electronics devices but of
supporting services and experiences they offer.

The over arching theme of the event was that content, services
and connectivity are the keys to Samsung’s strategy and product development for

Samsung Consumer Electronics Division president Boo-Keun Yoon
said the company, which has been world’s No.1 TV brand for the six consecutive
years, also sold more than 300 million mobile phones last year.

It was also the world’s top refrigerator brand for the third
straight year.

“We must break down the walls that exist between devices,” Yoon
said, adding that Samsung wants users to enjoy and share content across
multiple devices anytime, anywhere.

Samsung has updated its TV lineup with Smart TV platforms as the
key element.

Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics in the U.S. said this
year, Samsung will bring more 3D content to TVs, and will add a Media Hub to
TVs that will allow consumers to pay one price to play content across multiple

Samsung is also working to deliver 3D content to purchasers of
3DTVs through streaming apps.  Baxter
said NBCUniversal’s successful Battlestar Galactica TV series, will be streaming
in 3D for rent or purchase through the Samsung Market this year.

For gamers, Samsung Smart TVs will also get an Angry Birds on
demand app channel this spring dedicated to the highly popular animated video
game franchise. The game will also be enjoyable in a multi-screen user
experience, Baxter said.

Samsung will also introduce new signature services for 2012,
including Family Story, which allows users to upload images from a Samsung
device and add it to a stream on a TV. A new “Smart Evolution” feature in 2012
TVs will include open slots in the back of the set to accept future “kits” supporting,
ever-evolving added features to help stave off early obsolescence.

Samsung has also improved its AllShare feature last year to the
new AllShare Play that enables wirelessly sharing content between devices on
the same network or over the internet.

The feature is also in Samsung’s smart cameras and camcorders
this year.

In tablets, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note will feature LTE service
via AT&T at launch.

The phone features a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display, and new
stylus technology called “S Pen,” which senses pressure, adjusting the
thickness of the line drawn to the amount of pressure on the screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE for Verizon Wireless will also include
4G LTE support.

In notebooks, Samsung introduced new sleek Series 9 notebooks weighing
 2.5 pounds and measuring 0.5 inches
thick. It boots up in 9.8 seconds and the battery charge will last up to 10.

The company will also offer two new ultrabooks in its Series 5
category, and a new Series 9 monitors.