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Samsung Bows Portable 3D Blu-ray, Decks, Home Theater

New York – Samsung
is introducing today what it claims is the first portable Blu-ray player with
3D capability.

The player is part
of an extensive addition to its 3D TV lineup unveiled today. Other introductions
include three additional stand-alone Blu-ray players and three new Blu-ray home-theater

The portable unit,
the BD-C8000, delivers 1080p HD video, enables 3D playback when connected to a
3D-capable TV and used with 3D glasses, and features a 10.3-inch screen,
Samsung said. It has built-in Wi-Fi for access to advanced connectivity
features — including an expanding library of content and applications via Samsung
Apps and HDMI 1.4a support
— and features three hours of battery life.

The BD-C8000 has a
suggested retail of $499 and is available now.

In a statement
discussing the new stand-alone Blu-ray players and Blu-ray home-theater systems,
John Revie, home entertainment senior VP, said, “We led the way in 3D TVs and are
excited to do the same for 3D Blu-ray players and home-theater systems. With
the industry’s broadest lineup of 3D-capable home entertainment products, there
is a product to suit every home and wallet.”

The BD-C7900 features
two HDMI outputs for connection to multiple HD sources and to experience a full
1080p picture and digital surround sound.

Samsung noted the two
HDMI outputs also allow for support of legacy receivers, so there is no need to
upgrade to a new HDMI 1.4 receiver; the user can simply connect his receiver to
the HDMI 1.3 output for surround-sound audio. There is also built-in Wi-Fi for
connectivity to Samsung Apps and the company’s proprietary AllShare, which
allows people to wirelessly sync digital devices so that they can enjoy music,
movies and photos directly from their Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-certified PC, camera and
mobile devices to their Samsung TV screen.

Suggested retail
is $399; it’s available now.

The BD-C6800
Blu-ray player also includes built-in Wi-Fi and AllShare as well as the ability
to playback media files from DLNA-certified devices. Suggested retail is $279;
it’s also available now.

The third Blu-ray
player in the line is the BD-C5900, which has a $229 suggested retail and is
available now. Samsung said all three decks deliver “a premium experience with
both 2D and 3D content and allow consumers to future-proof their living rooms
when they are ready to purchase a 3D HDTV.”

Among Samsung’s
Blu-ray home-theater introductions is the HT-C9950W, priced at $1,799 and set
for October delivery. With a modern metallic finish, the unit is described as a
“perfect complement” to Samsung’s 9000-series LED TV.

The 7.1-channel 3D
surround-sound system consists of four floorstanding speakers, two satellite speakers,
one center channel unit, an anti-vibration subwoofer, iPod/iPhone dock, two
HDMI inputs, and a dongle for wireless Internet connectivity to access new
content via Samsung Apps, or use Samsung’s AllShare technology.

The HT-C6900W and
HT-C6600 Blu-ray home-theater introductions are designed as home-theater
packages “for small spaces,” the company said.

The HT-C6600, priced
at $599, features a Blu-ray player with built-in 3D, support for HDMI 1.4,
access to Samsung Apps and a Wi-Fi dongle for wireless connectivity.

 The Samsung HT-C6900W ($699) offers all the
features of the HT-C6600, plus wireless rear speakers, built-in Wi-Fi, and a
two-way center-channel speaker for enhanced sound quality, the company said.