Samsung Blu-ray Girls Invade NYC

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New York – Samsung recently invaded the streets of Times Square with a gaggle of blue-haired spokes models hired for a pre-holiday promotion for its Blu-ray Disc player.

The girls, who were well-educated on the technology, touted the player’s benefits to curious passersby.


Samsung’s Blu-ray spokesmodels descended on New York’s Times Square to help educate passersby on the benefits of the company’s Blu-ray Disc player.

Adding to the interactive nature of the stunt, interested parties were told to text “Samsung” at 34264 and follow the instructions on the 55-by-41-foot Samsung video screen mounted on a building overlooking the square.

The screen showed an actor named “Ray,” who reacted as participants responded to a query about their favorite movie genre. They then got to see their names appear on the big screen overhead.


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