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Samsung Begins 3D LCD Panel Production

Seoul, South Korea –


said this week that it was the first company to begin mass
production of panels for 3D LCD TVs.

“Samsung Electronics aims to lead the global 3D TV panel market
in pioneering panel mass production for 3D LED and LCD TVs,” stated Wonkie
Chang, Samsung Electronics LCD Business president.

The company this month began producing LED-backlit LCD and
CCFL-backlit LCD compatible panels for 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch FullHD 3D

Finished Samsung 3D sets will use 3D Active Glasses and will feature
Samsung’s exclusive true 240Hz technology.

True 240Hz technology is said to deliver FullHD viewing in 2D,
and also smooth, natural, full-HD 3D images, even with fast-moving images.

Samsung said its panels deliver a more lifelike picture with
alternating left- and right-eye images through the use of 3D Active Glasses

Samsung has reduced the response time of its CCFL- and LED-lit
LCD panels by 20 percent to less than 4ms, eliminating any interference between
left- and right-eye images, Samsung said.

With this improved response time, Samsung is able to achieve
natural 3D images and also deliver 2D pictures capturing rapid movement with
exceptional clarity.

The term “3D Active Glasses” was selected as an official term by
the Glasses standardization working group of the Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA) earlier this year.