Samsung Adds Three Bluetooth Headsets

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Dallas - Samsung Telecommunications America has added three Bluetooth headsets to its portfolio, including its second advanced-feature Modus model.

The new Modus 6450 is a dual-stereo noise-canceling model that can be worn as a mono-style headset for placing and receiving calls, and can be converted to a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset.

Samsung said the 6450 improves on its predecessor, the HM3500, with a premium headphone set, Android app support, voice-command functionality and EQ settings. The 6450 also implements voice commands and EQ settings through a separate voice-command button on the headset.

The Modus boasts advanced noise-cancelation features, the company said, with dual microphones to separate the user's voice from surrounding background noise. It will gently mute stereo audio when a call is received, and then restores its settings when the call is complete. The user can also stream audio through the single earpiece of the Bluetooth headset.

 The Modus 6450 is compatible with the Samsung FreeSync Android app, which allows for text-to-speech messaging and caller ID services, and the ability to enable or disable Bluetooth headset functions. Via the app, users can receive incoming phone calls, SMS messages, email and appointment notifications through text-to-speech, as well as allowing voice command, pairing assist, multiple language support and control of various headset and stereo EQ settings.

It will retail for $99.99.

 Also new is the on-ear HM3600 headset, designed to minimize ear fatigue and for active lifestyle usage, Samsung said. It features voice-prompt command, dual-mic noise and echo cancellation, automatic volume adjustment, and proximity pairing with multipoint technology for simultaneous pairing of two devices.

The HM3600 weighs 13 grams and delivers up to nine hours of talktime and 300 hours of standby time per charge. It will retail for $59.99.

The company's newest entry-level mono model, the HM1610, features receive side audio noise canceling and tonal voice-quality enhancement, improving the intelligibility of incoming voice even in high-background-noise environments, the company said. Additionally, wind-noise reduction and noise canceling for the microphone allow for significant improvement in audio quality in the presence of wind speeds up to 6 mph ("jogging speed," said Samsung). The active wind-noise-reduction algorithm is said to improve signal-to-noise ratio of microphone audio in the presence of wind by up to 20dB.

 The HM1610 also offers multipoint technology and high-fidelity media streaming for "stereo-quality sound from a traditional mono Bluetooth headset."

It offers up to six hours of talktime and 250 hours of standby time per charge. It will retail for $39.99.


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