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Samsung Adds How-To TV Channel

Ridgefield Park,
N.J. –


recently launched its
Samsung Product Support TV (SPSTV) initiative, offering a live streaming
television “channel” produced and hosted by Samsung that will feature a lineup
of live shows, how-to videos and interactive chat sessions to better use and
understand Samsung products.

“Samsung is
looking to lead the consumer electronics industry in hosting a live stream video
channel, and we are excited about adding this to the current portfolio of
product support services we already offer to our customers,” the company said
in a statement on the program.

Among the first
programs to run will be a pilot episode titled, “Keep it Simple.” The live
program will cover topics from Samsung digital televisions to Samsung mobile
phones, enabling viewers to ask questions through a real-time chat session,
which the hosts answer toward the end of the show.

A team of product
experts have been selected to regularly broadcast from the SPSTV studio,
Samsung said.

The channel will
be used to help encourage people to buy Samsung products and to fully use the
ones they have already purchased.

“We’re really
excited about SPSTV. We are aiming for a fun and friendly way to engage our
consumers, and give them a positive experience,” stated Myles Jordan, co-host
of “Keep it Simple.” “Whenever customers need instant product support for a new
purchase, we can provide them live, hands-on customer support to help them
troubleshoot through any issue.”

SPSTV officially
launched on Jan. 7, broadcasting from International CES in Las Vegas.

The SPSTV channel
regularly runs at

to show pilot episodes of “Keep it Simple” as well as a library of how-to