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Samsung Adds Home Hub To Store Family’s Mobile Content

Dallas – Samsung Mobile plans Oct. 6 in-store availability for its Android-based HomeSync home storage device.

HomeSync downloads and stores content from family members’ Galaxy smartphones and tablets for sharing with other family members, who can view the content on an HDMI-connected TV or on their mobile devices.

The $299 component, called HomeSync, also turns any HDMI-connected TV into a smart TV.

From inside or outside the house, Galaxy mobile devices upload content to, and stream content from, the network-connected HomeSync device, which features 1TB hard drive. Outside of the house, mobile devices can use cellular or Wi-Fi to connect to HomeSync.

The component stores photo albums, videos, and music, so photos or videos taken by one family member at an event can be uploaded to the HomeSync for viewing by other family members on the TV or on their mobile devices.

 Content can also be streamed from a Galaxy device to any HomeSync-connected TV.

 The HomeSync menu displayed on a TV can be navigated by using a Samsung mobile device as a remote control. Alternately, HomeSync will send its UI to a mobile device for navigation from the mobile device’s screen.

The device also turns TVs into smart TVs, enabling web browsing and access to YouTube, apps, games, social networking, and the like. The component supports a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard.

Application developers can make their existing Android apps compatible with HomeSync in the Google Play Store with as little as one line of code, the company said.

 Shared and private storage options are available for all household members. Up to six devices can be registered per account.

 HomeSync will be available at Samsung Experience Shops inside Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores as well as through Newegg, and