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Samsung Adds Docking Speakers, New HTiBs

Ridgefield Park,
N.J. – Samsung revealed select information about two new 3D Blu-ray HTiBs, a
new soundbar and two docking-speaker systems that will be among a slew of audio
products launched at next week’s International CES.

 The HTiBs are Samsung’s first with full web

Pricing and ship
dates on all products were not released.

In announcing its
first docking speaker systems, the company described two models that accept
inputs from multiple sources, including docked iPods, iPhones and iPads as well
as a docked Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. The DA-E750 Audio Dock and the DA-E670
Audio Dock also connect to additional sources via stereo Bluetooth, Apple’s
Wi-Fi-based AirPlay technology, and Samsung AllShare (DLNA) technology to
stream audio from a networked PC or other DLNA server. Both docks also feature MP3,
WMA and WAV technology to play music files from a USB stick or USB hard drive.

The top-end
DA-E750 mates a tube preamplifier with a digital Class D amplifier and features
2.1-channel speaker system with embedded subwoofer.

The smaller DA-E670
lacks tube preamp and features 40-watt output through its 2.1-channel speaker
system with embedded subwoofer.

Among new
soundbars to be launched, the top model is the HW-E550, which features a
“convertible” design that lets consumers split the bar in two and place each
piece on separate speaker stands on each side of a TV. It also features
wireless subwoofer, stereo Bluetooth, two HDMI 1.4a inputs, one HDMI output
with audio return channel, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround decoding, virtual
surround processing, USB port for music playback, and Smart Volume technology
to prevent spikes in volume when TV channels or audio sources are switched.

 The bar also features new 3D Depth technology
to sync the audio of 3D content to match the 3D motion on the screen. It’s available
in black or silver and is sized for 46-inch-and-larger TVs.

Among several new
HTiBs to be launched, the top two feature vacuum-tube preamps whose tubes are
visible through a glass panel on top of the main console and another glass
panel in front.

The top two are
the HT-E6730W and HT-E5500W. Both feature 2D-to-3D conversion, full web
browsing, dual HDMI 1.4a inputs, one HDMI output with audio return channel, and
embedded Wi-Fi.

The HT-E6730W,
which is the top model, also features separately amplified front-height driver
on each left-right tower speaker to work with proprietary post-processing
technology to add height channels to the front stage without cluttering up the
room with additional speaker cabinets. The system features 5.1 speaker cabinets
but 7.1 channels of amplification.

The HT-E5500W
features 5.1 speaker cabinets and 5.1 channels of amplification but also uses
post-processing technology to deliver height information through the front
left-right channels.

The HT-E5500W adds
3D Sound technology to sync the audio track of a 3D program to match the 3D
motion on the screen, but that feature was not mentioned in the company’s
statement as being available in the top model.

Both HTiBs also
feature FM tuner, iPod/iPhone docking, and Samsung’s DLNA-based AllShare
technology to stream audio and video from a networked PC or other networked
device. They also access Samsung’s app store to download apps, including game
apps and apps that stream audio, video and other content via the Internet.