Sakar Licenses Skechers For Youth CE Line


Manhattan Beach, Calif. - Sakar International has entered into a licensing agreement with footware company Skechers.


Sakar will manufacture Skechers-branded iPod and iPad cases, among other things. 

Under the agreement, Sakar will produce a line of youth electronics and accessories featuring Skechers branding and animated characters. The line will launch in the first quarter of next year, according to a release.

Few details were given about the forthcoming products, but the line will include MP3 players, ear buds, speakers, digital cameras, cases, skins and USB flash drives.  

"Skechers has all the ingredients for a successful electronics licensing program, from distinctive brands and sub-brands with a large following, to characters who star in their own entertainment content, to effective marketing that can help drive sell-through," said Liza Abrams, Sakar's licensing VP. "As a licensee, this gives us the foundation we need to develop branded products that will sell themselves."


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