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Sakar Launches Green Initiative

Edison, N.J. — Sakar International is planning to launch a line of earth-friendly accessories products and packaging under its new Eco Trends initiative.

To begin, the Eco Trends line will focus on computer, iPod/MP3 and digital camera accessories. All of the accessories under the Eco Trends name will be made of recyclable plastics, which use less oil and pollutants and which conform to RoHs compliance standards. The packaging will consist of both recycled plastic and paper and be printed with eco-friendly inks and dyes.

Additionally, Sakar will be launching a line of solar-powered products that range from flashlights to chargers and power packs for iPods, digital cameras, as well as camera bags with solar panels. Over time, the Eco Trends initiative will be applied to an array of green products across Sakar’s full line of accessories.

“As a company, we see the impact that manufacturing has on our environment and are taking bold steps to change the way we do business. It is our duty as global citizens to step up to the plate,” said Jeff Saka, president of Sakar International.

The company has partnered with the Save the Earth Foundation as its charity of choice. Save the Earth will be endorsing the Eco Trends line and Sakar will feature information about the foundation on all of its Eco Trends packaging. The foundation functions as a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to the expansion of environmental awareness.