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Safeway To Sell Milk, Eggs And TurboTax

New York – With little expectations of making huge strides in gaining new customers in traditional office and computer superstores, Intuit has started selling its Quicken TurboTax product line in 1,500 supermarkets.

The deal places the 2002 version of the popular tax preparation software in the Safeway supermarket and drug store chain nationwide, said Todd Stanley, senior product manager for Intuit. Intuit has repackaged the TurboTax and TurboTax deluxe titles removing the standard software box and using just a CD-ROM jewel case. These are being placed near the check out counters to try and grab impulse buyers.

‘We probably won’t get to many new customers from a computer store. These people probably already use it, but we might find new customers in a supermarket,’ Stanley said.