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Russound Upgrades E-Series, To Demo Powerline Audio

CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta
– Russound plans to go to the CEDIA Expo with its previously announced
powerline-based multi-room audio system, upgraded versions of two key E-series
multi-room-audio components and the first E-series handheld wireless-RF/IR

The E-series’ upgraded
$5,650 ACA-E5 multi-room amplifier/controller adds RDS to its built-in AM/FM
tuner and remote zone control to manage any room’s audio functions from keypads
and touchscreens in other rooms. The 12-source/eight-zone ACA-E5 continues to
offer the ability to group multiple zones to control them as a single group, a
slot for an optional satellite-radio tuner, 16×40-watt amplification, support
for up to two doorbells, and IP integration with an included Web server for
expanded control. Its price was unavailable.

The upgraded
TSV-E5 tabletop/wall-mount touchscreen at $2,999 street price adds RDS data
display and ability to control remote zones. It already displays other source’s
metadata on its 8.4-inch color touchscreen, which also features 10 hard

The new E-series $899
RFR-E5 handheld wireless RF/IR remote features zone roaming to make it the
primary remote for any zone that the user walks in. It also controls remote
zones and local IR sources. It features the same touch-ring control and large
LCD display used on the in-wall KLK-E5 click wheel keypad.

The company’s
long-awaited powerline-based multi-room-audio system will be demonstrated for
October shipment. The Collage Media and Intercom System is targeted to the
retrofit market.

Collage relies on
such new media sources as Internet radio, iPods docked in a networked
docking/charging station, and digital music stored on a networked PC or
network-attached storage (NAS) device, although legacy devices can be attached
via a source-bridge component. Networked sources can be placed anywhere in the
home. Up to 10 zones are supported.

Collage’s main
components include an in-wall amplified keypad equipped with RDS FM tuner. A
Media Manager device connects to a home’s Ethernet network and acts as a bridge
between a home’s Ethernet network and the powerline network.

The CAK1 amplified
keypad will retail for a suggested $849. Up to 10 can be installed in a system,
but only one $549 CMM1 Collage
Media Manager is needed. An iPod dock and IR source bridge, which connects
legacy sources via IR, will ship sometime later.