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Russound Readies Multi-Room Digital Streamer

N.H. –


will integrate new-media
sources with more traditional multi-room-audio systems with the May shipment of
the DMS-3.1 digital media streamer.

 The device, which integrates with the
company’s C-series multi-room audio systems, incorporates a traditional AM/FM
RDS tuner but connects to a home network to stream Internet radio programming and
stream music from a DLNA-certified networked PC or network-attached storage
(NAS) drive. In addition, the Streamer features three USB ports to distribute digital
audio files from connected storage devices. The device supports playback of MP3,
WAV, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and AAC+ files.

 The DMS-3.1 distributes up to three separate
audio streams simultaneously from the digital new-media sources while also
simultaneously streaming content from the embedded analog AM/FM tuner. The
one-rack-size 17-inch by 8.5-inch by 1.7-inch device features rear-panel stereo
audio output jacks for each of the three digital sources as well as another
pair for the AM/FM tuner.

Pricing hasn’t
been determined.

The Streamer
isn’t the first product developed by Russound to leverage new-media sources for
use in a custom-installed multi-room-audio system. The company’s Collage
system, which uses powerline technology to distribute audio over a home’s
electrical wiring, features amplified in-wall keypads with integrated Internet
radio tuner, integrated AM/FM tuner, and ability to stream music from a
networked PC or NAS device. The company has had plans to integrate an iPod dock
into the system as another music source.