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Russound Adds Amplified Outdoor Speaker

Newmarket, N.H. – Russound, the
supplier of custom-installed multi-room-audio systems, is moving into a new
product segment with an AC-only outdoor amplified speaker.

The $399-suggested AirGo Outdoor
Sound Station mates with Apple’s $99 AirPlay-equipped AirPort Express to stream
music via Wi-Fi from a networked PC’s iTunes application and from iPhones, iPod
Touches and iPads.

To get AC power, the Wi-Fi-equipped
Airport Express plugs into an AC outlet inside a protective pocket in AirGo’s

With the AirPlay-enabled AirPort
Express, the AirGo speaker streams music stored on Apple’s mobile devices and
on iTunes-equipped computers as well as Internet radio streams accessed by
those devices.

Music streamed by the AirPort
Express is routed to the amplified speaker via a 3.5mm audio input.

AirGo houses two 1-inch tweeters,
one 6.5-inch woofer, and a 40-watt RMS amplifier in an enclosure that measures
12.6 inches by 12.9 inches by 10.2 inches.

AirGo is available through
Amazon, Best, Crutchfield and Russound’s traditional custom-installation

With AirPort Express plugged in,
the AirGo doubles as an outdoor Wi-Fi hot spot because of the AirPort Express’s
ability to serve as a Wi-Fi repeater.