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Runco Uses Oliver Stone Testimonial

Beaverton, Ore. – High-end home theater projector manufacturer


said acclaimed director/producer
Oliver Stone recently selected a Runco 3-chip DLP projector and a Runco 65-inch
LCD flat-panel display for his personal home theater use.

“Stone selected a Runco projector and Runco LCD flat-panel
display because they offer the same quality and performance as he would find in
a professional cinema,” the company said in a promotional announcement Tuesday.

“The Runco projector I recently installed in my home provides as
close an experience I’ve had to being in a top-flight motion picture theater,”
stated Stone. “The flat panel display has an amazing image quality that draws
me in. You will end up watching more movies than you think and falling in love
once more with films you saw a long time ago. It’s been a journey through time
of rediscovery for me.”

Runco pointed out that Stone, who is best known for major films
including “Platoon,” “Midnight Express,” “Born On The Fourth Of July,” “Wall
Street,” “JFK,” and “Natural Born Killers,” is known for his eye for detail,
often using different camera and film formats in the same film for cinematic

“Because of the different film formats and edgy camera angles,
his films provide unique viewing experiences that can only be recreated using
the best video products available,” Runco said.

Runco projectors can be hand built to each customer’s exact home
theater specifications to create unique, customized viewing experiences, the
company said.