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Beaverton, OR - Runco said Tuesday it is teaming up with top dealers across the country to demonstrate its latest home theater technologies, including three new display solutions.

Staged as "Open Houses," the showcases will take place from October through December and will highlight the new 3Dimension Series D-73d 3D projector, LightStyle Series LS-10 projector, and Vistage Series V-63HD ultra-thin flat panel display.

During the event,


and the dealers will demonstrate the ultimate solution for 3D at home, showcase a powerhouse projector that shines both in the dedicated theater and in multi-purpose rooms, and unveil the Vistage series of flat panel displays that offer a solution that can be personalized to reflect the style and passion of its homeowner. Consumers are invited to visit these showrooms for a demonstration and consultation with dealers about how to create their own personal home theater viewing haven.

Highlighting the Open House is the Runco 3Dimension Series D-73d 3D projector, which integrates 3D visualization technology that is based on the science of how the human eye and brain process actual depth and dimension in real life.

Runco's 3D visualization technology, called

CSV (Constant Stereoscopic Video)

, enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images and delivers a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion, or discomfort inherent in other approaches, the company said.

Runco CSV uses unique passive-glasses technology, similar to that used in public theaters.

Also on display is the newest member of Runco's LightStyle Series, the LS-10 3-chip DLP full high-definition projector designed for multi-room setups. It delivers 1080p HD resolution using a DLP 3-chip light engine.

Rounding out the Runco products on display is the ultra-thin Vistage V-63HD flat panel display.

Runco Vistage 3D-ready flat-panel TVs offer sleek styling, and measure 1.7 inches thin. The halo-shaped table stand conceals the cables and presents a streamlined look.

The Road Show will take place on the follow dates at these locations:

  • New York, NY at Stereo Exchange: 11/3
  • Exclusive Dealer Event in Los Angeles, CA: 11/10 - 11/11
  • Columbia, MD at Gramophone: 11/16
  • Philadelphia, PA at WorldWide Stereo: 11/18 (product on display through 11/21)
  • Exclusive Dealer Event in Denver, CO: 12/1 - 12/2
  • Sarasota, FL at Advanced Audio Design: 12/7
  • Exclusive Dealer Event in Fort Lauderdale: 12/9


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