Runco Ships Ultra Projector Versions

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Beaverton, OR -


said it is now shipping Ultra versions of several of its 3Dimension D-73d Ultra, LightStyle LS-HB Ultra, QuantumColor Q-750d Ultra and QuantumColor Q-1500d Ultra projector models.

The Ultra versions of Runco's projectors designate higher sharpness and lower color distortion at longer distances from the screen, the company said.

Runco said the new models will help it continue to expand applications for projection beyond dedicated theater environments.

This plays to a growing trend for what Runco calls "flex-theaters," or projector placements in non-dedicated entertainment rooms such as family rooms, media rooms, and outdoors.

Ultra give installers greater flexibility in setting up projectors in non-traditional environments, while deliverying high-quality image performance under varying ambient lighting conditions.

 "The projector is no longer just for a dedicated theater and having the right projector for the job is a necessity to achieve optimal performance," said Jennifer Davis, Runco marketing VP. "We developed the technology in our Ultra versions to give our authorized resellers even more projector possibilities for their clients."

 The long throw distances afforded by Ultra models also provide solutions for design conscious consumers who don't want a bulky projector intruding on the home's design. Throw distances range from 2.40 to 4.00, depending on the projector and lens.


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