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Runco Projectors Debut TI’s “Matterhorn” Chipset

Union City, Calif. – Runco International announced it is now shipping four additions to its Digital Light Processing (DLP) video front projector line, including two new entry level Reflection Series models based on Texas Instruments’ new ‘Matterhorn’ chipset.

New models include the Reflection Series CL-710 and CL-510 and versions of each with additional long throw lenses — models CL-710LT and CL-510LT.

The CL-710/710LT models are based on TI’s HD-2 ‘Mustang’ DLP chip, which offers a native 1280 by 720 pixel resolution for full HDTV images.

The CL-510/510LT use the new Matterhorn chip, which offers the same widescreen format and 12-degree tilt angle on the micro-mirror array as the Mustang but at a 1024 x 576 pixel resolution.

Runco’s models are the first in the industry to offer the new Matterhorn chip option, according to Texas Instruments.

‘This new DLP technology helps us to achieve new levels of performance in several key areas, while still keeping genuine high-end imaging accessible to a wide range of potential owners,’ said Sam Runco, Runco International CEO, in announcing the new technology.

The new models use Runco’s new GEN 3 technology, and include advances in color balancing with gray scale tracking and gray scale reproduction.

Also included is Runco’s proprietary integrated video processing/scaling circuitry with 3:2 pull down compensation and electronic keystone corrections.

The CL-710/CL-710LT have light output of up to 18.1 foot Lamberts (fL) and a contrast ratio of 1800:1, while the CL-510/CL-510LT models produce up to 17.8fL of brightness and a 1700:1 contrast ratio.

The CL-710 carries a $9,995 suggested retail price while the CL-710LT is priced at $10,995 including the extended lens option. The CL-510 and CL-510LT are priced at $5,995 and $6,995, respectively.