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Runco Introduces DHD 3 Processor/Controller

Beaverton, Ore.
Runco International said Monday it is now shipping a new
Digital High-Definition (DHD 3) external video processor controller, with 1080p
up-scaling/processing, standard with several of its high-performance video

Runco said the DHD 3
continues to be “installer dependent,” although it has been designed with enhanced
ease-of-installation features.

The unit offers full ISF calibration suite and make the
calibration process “more seamless.” This enables individual display
calibration through the controller and eliminates the need to access the onscreen
display controls.

Once proper calibration is achieved for one display, a new
Backup, Recovery and Clone (Runco BRiC) tool allows the installer to apply the
calibration settings, including preset commands, input timing or connector, to
other networked video displays.

“With simple copy-and-paste functionality, installers can easily
save, recover and clone the settings for the networked displays,” Runco said in
a statement announcing the DHD 3.

The unit also includes a firmware upgrade capability via USB or
serial connections.

“Runco’s BRiC was created to offer a quick and easy solution that
will significantly reduce set-up and downtime for our installers and their
clients,” stated Ben Clifton, Runco technology VP. “The BRiC is a unique
safeguard that only Runco can offer and it protects installers from losing
settings in the case of unforeseen events. An installer can connect a laptop
via a USB cable directly to the DHD 3 and save all the settings to a single

A broad area of connectivity options on the controller include: HDMI
v. 1.3 with HDCP, RJ-11 and communication control ports. Other set-up
enhancements include auto detection for each video display connected via analog
or HDMI inputs, as well as access to a displays’ color space and color gamut
controls, simultaneously supporting up to eight displays.

Runco’s DHD 3 is the first processor to feature Runco’s advanced
Vivix III 1080p processing with Vivix VirtualWide and new VirtualCinema aspect

It supports all video aspect ratios, and optimizes signal
reproduction for anamorphic, letterbox and 4:3 aspect ratios, with VirtualWide
converting 4:3 images to 16:9 without affecting image quality.

The DHD 3 matches output resolution, sync types and output
formats to prevent “double scaling,” the company said.

The DHD 3 is compatible with a number of Runco flat-panel LCD and
plasma displays and projection systems, and is said to offer “significantly
increased compatibility with consumer video sources that boast full 1080i and
1080p processing.”