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Runco To Demonstrate Q-650i LED Projector


Among the new offerings from Runco
International slated for this week’s CEDIA Expo will
be the QuantumColor Q-650i lampless LED home-theater

The Q-650i (shipping now at a $9,995 suggested retail)
is said to maximize the benefits of Runco’s InfiniLight
lampless LED illumination technology
for 70 percent power savings
with minimal maintenance.

It pairs technological advancements,
like Runco SmartColor and
InstantOn technologies, to create
an energy-efficient system without
using mercury or lead to produce
high performance screen sizes of
between 72 inches and 92 inches.

“The QuantumColor series
transformed the industry and delivered
on our promise that it was
the future of projection,” stated
Jennifer Davis, Runco marketing VP. “The amazing client
response to Runco’s QuantumColor series illustrates the
market’s desire for luxurious and unmatched video experiences
and a growing sensitivity about the environmental
footprint of our consumer choices. The new Q-650i extends
that performance.”

The Q-650i creates what Runco calls “an uncompromized
sub-$10,000 option” for projection enthusiasts in
the Runco line.

The Q-650i uses an LED system that produces an
award-winning color gamut, Runco said.

QuantumColor projectors provide multiple color spaces,
including DCI, Adobe RBG, sRBG, REC 709 and
REC 601, for exact reproduction of any content, and no
loss of color alignment at shutdown.

Runco’s SmartColor technology is added to eliminate
distortion while preserving lifelike flesh tones and a Color-
Contrast system turns up colors needed for greater realism.

Other features include: Runco’s Q-lumens technology
with a brightness output that is perceived as brighter
than lamp-derived lumens; the InfiniLight LED illumination
system increases system stability over traditional UHP
mercury lamp technologies, and the ColorPalette system
provides performance personalization and customization.

Also slated for the show is the LS-1 LightStyle series
of DLP projectors. The single-chip
1080p DLP model is positioned to
provide performance and installation
flexibility at a value price point.

The Runco LS-1 provides strong
color depth for gaming and movie
reproduction, along with a brightness
level capable of use in different
rooms under a variety of ambient
room lighting conditions.

The LS-1 (shipping now at a
$3,995 suggested retail) is based
on DLP technology and uses Runco’s
SuperOnyx technology with
ConstantContrast and ViVix proprietary digital video processing
for deep black levels and up to a 10,000:1 contrast

It uses an ISF calibration suite for proper adjustment
under various conditions.

The body features a sleek design that can be customized
with Runco’s FinishPalette that adds full-color design
options, including exact PMS color matching for any college
or professional sports teams, a gallery of artist impressions
and the option to custom-print artwork.

Twenty-five FinishPalette signature paint colors are
added to complement the room décor.

The LS-1 is also available with Runco’s CineGlide lens
solution that enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic
lens to move in front of the standard lens for perfect
Scope reproduction.

Runco CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from
16:9 content to 2.35:1 content, without black bars on the
top or side of the image, with the touch of a button.