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Runco Adds Single-Chip LightStyle Unit

Beaverton, Ore. –


Wednesday its LightStyle Series LS-HB high-brightness-level HD DLP projector.

The projector, which will carry a base $7,995 suggested retail when
it ships in February, was said to have been designed to excel “outside of the
dedicated home theater, where environmental factors such as lighting are not
easily controlled,” making it ideal for placement in multiple rooms in the

The LightStyle LS-HB uses single-chip 1080p DLP SuperOnyx
technology and delivers 2,700 lumens in high-brightness mode. It incorporates
the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) calibration suite for optimal performance,
including ISF Day and ISF Night presets.

Runco said the brightness performance enables setting up “Flex-Theaters,”
where big-screen entertainment is only a portion of the room’s purpose and environmental
factors such as sunlight and shadows are difficult to control.

The LS-HB joins Runco’s LightStyle 3-chip DLP solutions — the
LS-10i, the LS-10d and the LS-7.

“With the LS-HB, we are able to provide our customers with a
solution that they may have believed impossible: a vivid, big-screen
entertainment experience in their living room,” said Jennifer Davis, Runco
marketing VP. “The new LS-HB projector joins our stand-out lineup of LightStyle
platforms to create real possibilities for front projection in spaces where the
only solution previously available might have been a large flat-panel

The LS-HB is available in a matte-white finish to camouflage
ceiling installations, as well as customized finishes including sports logos, a
gallery of artist impressions and the option to custom print client-supplied

For a $15,995 suggested retail, the LS-HB projectors are
available with Runco’s new CineGlide lens solution that enables a motorized,
mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for
CinemaScope reproduction.