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Runco Adds LS-12d 3-Chip 3D Projector

Beaverton, Ore. –


Monday the LS-12d, a three-chip DLP 3D-capable projector.

The LS-12d will ship in April at a $27,995 suggested retail and
includes the DC-300 video controller and three pair of glasses. It is based on Runco’s
LightStyle chassis design.

Runco said the unit is a
rare 3D model that is well-suited to so-called “Flex-Theater” spaces —
placements where the room is required to be used for more than just dedicated
home-theater applications.

The new LS-12d also delivers high-quality video in 3D and 2D,
since 2D content still comprises the majority of material viewed in home
theaters and private cinemas.

The LS-12d utilizes active-shutter 3D glasses technology and
comes equipped with three sets of glasses. 
The technology allows viewers to watch both 3D and 2D images on the
screen at the same time.

Runco also offers passive 3D technology in its 3Dimension projector
series, based on polarized glasses and silver non-depolarizing screen. 

The DC-300 new Dimension Digital Controller, which ships with the
LS-12d, was designed to enhance 3D performance of Runco 3D-enabled products.

The 2U outboard controller provides a full suite of calibration

“The wide range of throw ratios, combined with Runco’s CineGlide
anamorphic lens options and customizable FinishPalette options make it a truly
exciting 3D offering perfect for virtually any environment,”  said Jennifer Davis, Runco marketing VP.

 The LS-12d can be
customized with Runco’s FinishPalette personalization system that adds
full-color design options, including exact PMS color matching for any college
or pro-sports teams, a gallery of artist impressions, and the option to
custom-print client-supplied artwork.

Twenty-five hand-finished signature paint colors are available.

The LS-12d carries a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty. Runco
RedCarpet and PremierCare extended-service options are also available.